Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 3:33 PM

Prayer List

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

"Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.  Is anyone among you sick?  He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint [him] with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up.  If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven."   - James 5:13-15 

Please pray for:



For healing from serious personal health problems and a family in need of healing

For Ray Seal (shoulder replacement surgery complications)

For a classmate who passed away, that her soul will rest in peace

For healing & God's guidance & protection for 3 people with serious illnesses and for their families; pray for the calling that God has on their lives; that the families and medical teams work together to come to the right decisions

For a private intention

For God to allow a father to see his 7-year-old autistic son, to turn the situation around, and to allow the son to go live with his father and be raised in Jesus Christ

For a private intention




For Bill and Susie Morgan's (former parishioners) daughter and son-in-law, Ron & Kathy Doty, who both have COVID-19

For a mentally ill son who recently lost his leg; prevent him from further invasion of the disease and protect him from COVID-19; provide him with the prosthesis he needs soon and help him adjust to his new normal; provide him the financial aid needed for ongoing medical care; provide him with personal caregivers, especially those who will know his needs

Prayers for the soul of Carolina Simon on the one-month anniversary of her death

Gillian Johnson

Healing & recovery for Jody Valencia

Howard Byrne

For reconciliation and the restoration of love, trust, respect, and intimacy in a marriage

For a private intention

For a child who had his wisdom teeth removed, that he may heal well and quickly without any issues or complications

For Janet and Mary Anthony, for mercy, grace, and protection

For back pain and urinary issues to subside

For a private intention

To be able to take out a loan

For successful shoulder replacement surgery on July 21st and full recovery

Prayers for Isabel

For a private intention

To receive the graces that God wants to give; for the conversion and salvation of souls

For a private intention

Diane Boggs, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer

For a private intention

For a friend in need of prayers at a difficult time in her life

For a private intention

For more opportunities and side jobs to earn money; for relief from fatigue and weaknesses in life

For Dianne Elliott's niece Brianne Bryant who passed away unexpectedly on July 24th and for her parents and brother; may they find peace and feel God's loving and warm embrace; may the remainder of the family find peace and understand how to be of service to them; may God bless all of those who pray for these intentions

For a private intention

To serve God; to sell a home in Vancouver and to buy another home in Idaho

For God to grant success in all the modules of the OET exam

For the many blessings God has given; to be healthy again and to have an improved and stronger relationship with a spouse; for God to help the family through this difficult time

For family members who were just diagnosed with COVID

For a private intention

For a speedy recovery for Fr. Nathe and that he takes this time to rest, contemplate, and rejuvanate so he may return to his normal routine

For peace and healing; for God to open the hearts of our children and those who have fallen away from the church; for a quick recovery for Fr. Nathe; for the upcoming elections & that God will put the right candidates in office; for the parishioners at Holy Redeemer and Fr. Nathe




For Elaine Dalal Awad that she recovers from pancreatic and liver cancer, that she has the strength for chemotherapy and that it is successful; pray for God's precious blood to cleanse her inside and out and send her healing saints for miracles and the ever Blessed Virgin Mary to shine her gracious rays onto Elaine

For a private intention

Healing for Dan Smith

For a private intention

To have a doctor internship job (which was lost due to illness) returned

For a private intention

For the sale of a home and the purchase of another home

To love, honor, and serve the Lord

For total healing for Jessica from a brain injury, also prayers for her acid reflux

For Audrey Toohey's mother, Lorraine, who passed away this week

For a private intention

For Maryann, Ray Dempsey, and my parents; for an increase in faith and to serve God

For a private intention

For Robert Kuhnert, who was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer

Prayers regarding a car accident that a parent and 2 daughters were involved in

For the repose of the soul of Luke Adams

For a private intention

For Gilberto Lima, who will have surgery tomorrow for cancer of the mouth; prayers for the entire family

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a son to pass required exams so that the subjects can be transferred to a 4-year college

For a family to continue to grow in faith and holiness and close to God during this time when we are not attending Mass in person

For the lost souls in purgatory, that God would forgive them and save them from purgatory to be with Him in heaven

Cindy & Ryan Huetter

For a private intention

Doreen Stallworth

For a private intention

For God's healing rays to be upon Nancy Joy (Regina Searle's sister), who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor

Protection from evil that is haunting a family




Prayers for employment, which will grant provision of shelter, nutrition, and health insurance; for promising interviews and that one of these opportunities is the path that God is intending; For peace, clarity, eloquence, and charisma during the interviews and that the hiring managers look upon the husband as favorable for the job

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a private intention

For good health, humor, and a simple soul that treasures all that is good and doesn't frighten easily at the sight of evil

For spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, mental, and relationship healing for everyone; for family and friends - for peace, love, joy, happiness, understanding, forgiveness, and togetherness - we need blessings and miracles

For financial blessings and prayers for a new car after a car accident caused the loss off the only car owned; healing for daughter and mom who were hurt in the accident

For a private intention

Mother's Day blessings for everyone for whom this is a painful day; for strength and love to all

For a journey toward the "One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church"; the family is going through various spiritual struggles - may God's love, joy, and peace fill the home

For a child taking Advanced Placement exams this week and next week

Healing and recovery for Christine Garcin

For Bob & Maureen Faust's 13-year-old granddaughter, Clara Ouimet, who had been coughing up blood without straining for several days; the COVID test was negative and they can't figure out the cause - prayers would be appreciated

For the sale of a  home

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a mentally ill son

God's graces for Barney Honer (Judy Sills Dad) on his 91st birthday on May 23rd, to receive comfort and strength; he has a progressive neurological disorder and is unable to eat, talk, or move, but has no cognitive deficits

To be healed of tuberculosis, the hearing loss due to the medication, and tinnitus; please pray for a healing miracle and to once again be able to help the family

For the repose of the soul of Christine Garcin

Recovery and healing for Lillian Zygowicz

For a private intention

Recovery and healing for Katharine Mosier, and strength for her husband who is taking care of her

To be free of evil spirits and to remove them forever

For the repose of the soul of Hazel Barnes, who passed away this week

For a private intention

For the repose of the soul of Manuel Pelayo Jimenez

For Kiro, who had a stroke and is in ICU with a brain bleed, he is not able to move, speak, eat, or receive treatment; the family is heartbroken and scared, but know that God is the best healer




Joanne Haberlock (health & recovery)

For a private intention

For the COVID-19 pandemic to be over; Lord Almighty, you told us not to worry - yet we are worried, as your people are losing jobs and getting anxious about feeding their families and paying their bills.  Please bring this pandemic to an end, we ask in the name of your son, Jesus.

For a private intention

Frank Fogarty (end-stage cancer)

For the sale of a home

For good grades in community college for the spring semester 2020 so the grades can be transferred to a 4-year college; loving Lord Jesus, kindly show mercy on him and grant him good grades in his subjects

For a private intention

Prayers for a person with health problems and is the primary caregiver in the family

For a private intention

Joe, who started having seizures in March and had another seizure at work this week, fell and broke his collarbone, two ribs, and injured his face; prayers for healing and that his job will be waiting for him

For the souls of Osar and Lois Gallant, George Gallant, Tammi Jo Gallant, George Ham & family, Bea Ham, Neil Gallant, and an unborn child that died in the womb

For a private intention

For the families who are homeless

For all medical personnel, including Samantha (respiratory therapist) and nurses Karly, Jim, and Michael MacKay

Sally Bliss (brain tumor)

Nick Cortozzo (20 years old and suffers from a rare arthritis)

Robbin Pappan (cancer)

For God's mercy, healing, and protecting peace in this dark time; we are all vulnerable, especially seniors, children, and people with health issues

For Joe, who is having surgery April 16th

For the repose of the soul of Frank Weinmuller

For Leah & husband Chris, who are expecting a baby girl on May 1st; Leah tested positive for COVID-19 and will have to be tested again on 4/20 & 4/27 - if she continues to test positive, then when the baby is born Leah will have to be quarantined for 14 days and be separated from her baby; pray that before she gives birth she will test negative, and also prayers that she doesn't deliver any sooner than May 1st

For a private intention

For a private intention

For a child taking exams next month; pray that he will pass all of the exams

For a son who struggles with anxiety and agoraphobia - that he will improve and be able to live a more normal life; may God bless his faithful and loving spirit

For a private intention

In special need for strength and fortitude

For healing from physical ailments and for excellent health to be restored to Lorraine; for debt to be gone

For excellent health and a long life for an uncle




For a private intention

For the repose of the soul of Gene Olson

For a private intention

Healing of physical ailments,  relief from financial debt, prayers for loved ones

Divine intervention for the emotional/mental/spiritual well-being of a teenage daughter

For the success of experimental surgery on Bob Brizek, the son of former parishioners Lynn & Frank Sybovich

That all sacraments received through the Holy Catholic Church; baptism, confirmation, confessions/absolutions, and extreme unctions be blessed and consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ; in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

For a private intention

For a teenage girl who is in trouble with the law; may God guide her path in the right direction and bring healing to the entire family

Jody Valencia (healing and recovery)

Repose of the soul of Rosa & Juniper Wilson; for Elliot & Iona Wilson in critical condition; for husband & father Brian Wilson as he grieves for the loss of his wife & child and for the health & recovery of his children Elliot & Iona

Kevin Ryan, owner of Portland Candle, whose kidney cancer has advanced

For the repose of the soul of Dennis Dubecky

For the repose of the souls of Annie Q. Cruz & Mariano Quinata

Lisa Dittman (surgeries, healing, & reecovery)

For granddaughter Grace whose type A flu turned into pneumonia and after 2 weeks there is no improvement; please keep her and all those who are sick in your prayers

For Peter Williamson - that further ultrasounds and MRI's will determine what is going on and a course of treatment

For complete healing of a family member and the strength to endure the treatment process peacefully through trusts in God's protection; also for the protection and salvation of the whole family

For a private intention

John Essman (healing and recovery)

Cindy Huetter

For a private intention

Kay Key (health & protection)

Ken Nelson (health & a return to his Christian faith)

Sid Nelson (health & healing from hip bursistis)

For a private intention

For the successful sale of a home

For a family member who is a nurse in Michigan and is being called to work with the COVID-19 cases at the hospital; please keep her and all caregivers in your prayers

For a private intention

Jack Mahoney (Marybeth Yee's father) heart surgery

For a private intention

For a private intention

John Cothran and his family (health)

Donna Gaines (health)

For a private intention

For the end of the COVID-19 pandemic

For the sale of a home; for a job

Healing prayers for muscle spasms in the throat and for an upcoming MRI on the brain and cervical spine for Lesley Sullivan

For a private intention

For Adrian (a friends son) in critical condition with COVID-19; he is in the hospital and has a blood clot in his lungs; he is a newlywed - prayers for his full recovery and prayers for his wife, Tiffany in this difficult time

For the repose of the soul of Barbara Ritteriser (a friend to Bev Williamson's sister-in-law) who passed away due to COVID-19, she was in an assisted living facility in Wenatchee, Washington; also, prayers for all of the elderly and employees at the facility

Maureen Stipan

For a private intention

John Cothran, who lost his job of 25 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic



For Mario to return to the Faith and to the Lord

For a private intention

For a private intention

For complete healing of a family member so he can praise God through Mary forever

For the good health of a family member, family relationships, employment, and for forgiveness and healing

To fill a family with love for Jesus and for each other; for healing of relationships; heal a son from anger, confusion, mood swings, and unforgiveness - transform him by the Holy Spirit and bathe him in the light of Christ

For the complete healing of a family member and that we all live for our Lord Jesus forever

For a young adult applying for an internship; may God guide his path and may he be selected to the program that God has planned for him and his future

For the speedy recovery of family members and the strength to endure and accept everything from the hands of our loving Father with a thankful heart; also pray that we all live for Jesus, doing His holy will forever

For a private intention

For a private intention

Healing and recovery for Troy Baker, who is hospitalized for pneumonia and breathing issues

For Carrie, who is very ill and one of her prescribed medications has greatly affected her liver

For a marriage to be reconciled and be filled with Christ's love for each other; for Mary to hear the prayers and bring them to her son's feet and to prevent a divorce from happening

For the repose of the soul of Dominico Tac Do

For a grandmother who is dying; for a mother who has suffered from satanic attacks for four months

For a private intention

For a child applying for an internship this summer; may God guide the selection process and lead the young adult to become an extension of His will

Roy Long (vision problems)

For a serious health issue

For former friends who overstepped a line between family members and caused a lot of pain

For health and safety




For Rachel and her baby (emergency C-Section and gallbladder surgery)

Comfort to Anthony, who just had brain surgery; bring him the much needed pain relief he needs

For Amy, who is struggling with Lyme disease; help her family to see how alone she is

For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her; also for her parents, doctor, and therapist

For a private intention

For the repose of the soul of Rosa Maria Nicacio

For a private intention

Peter Noble (5 years old; rapid healing and full recovery from an auto-immune disease)

For my child who will be applying for college this year. May the choice of the right college be of my Lord's divine plan and the right choice for his future. 

For a private intention

Jaime Guerrero (Healing)

For someone facing a diagnosis of Stage Four cancer, and for the entire family

For a child and their friend who lost in a competition they worked so hard for and had prayed along the way; please pray that they don't lose faith and trust in God, and please help them to understand God's divine plan.

For a private intention

Peace, love, and joy for Dominic to be healed from bipolar disorder; to heal the unforgiveness, confusion, and anger in family relationships; help us all to love Jesus Christ and each other more each day

For Robert Wheatley, who is going through a lot of tests and his health is declining rapidly

For Lesley Rainey, who has ALS and is experiencing severe hip pain

For someone who is struggling financially

For a private intention

For patience and understanding in a family situation; for the strain on a relationship to be healed

For 2-year-old Mateo Gomez, who was born with PDK, which is a kidney disease, and needs a donor

For a private intention

Complete healing of body & soul for Daniel Xavier Huidor

Annie Q. Cruz (health)

For a family member diagnosed with breast cancer

For a son who is applying to the US service acadamies and is currently in the military, but having trouble getting his paperwork to go through; this is his lifelong dream, so please pray that God will move in this situation and get the paperwork completed and that he will be accepted

For the health and healing of a family, especially a brother

Prayers for miracles in a family with strained relationships and financial struggles

Fernando Hincapie (health)

For a peaceful death for Doris Selliken



Answered Prayers

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