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Ongoing Adult Faith Formation

Holy Redeemer provides different opportunitues throughout the year for adults to continue growing in their Catholic faith.

I AM ____: Summer Small Group Series 

God made you with purpose and has a calling for your life! Your life matters. And there’s more to your life than just being alive. We have to truly LIVE!

The enemy wants us to believe we can’t live a full life. We don’t deserve it. We’re not worthy. We won’t amount to anything... These are all lies. And it’s time to stop living based on these lies and start living based on God’s truth.

This new program from Real Life Catholic and Chris Stefanick will teach you how to battle these lies and replace them with God's truth. By the time you finish this journey, you’ll rewire how you talk to yourself and be living out of a NEW identity, the identity your Creator has for you.

Join a virtual small group here at Holy Redeemer this Summer to review the material we cover during the 30 day program.

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Daytime Bible Study: Thursdays at 10:30am 


 Fulfilled - Part II: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism by Sonja Corbitt

Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism is an apologetic approach to sharing the Catholic Faith using the Old Testament tabernacle as a blueprint for God’s plan. While designed as a faith sharing Bible study, participants will also gain an apologetic understanding of some of the most questioned Catholic teachings. Fulfilled will reignite your love of scripture and help you share and defend the Catholic faith with the Word of God.



Evening Bible Study: Thursdays at 6:30pm

Wisdom: God's Vision For Life

Seek Wisdom and Increase Your Sense of Peace.

Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church provide an abundance of wisdom, though it can often be challenging to apply it to our lives. In this study, Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith examine biblical wisdom as it relates to daily life.

Drawing on the wisdom literature of the Bible—Proverbs, Wisdom, Sirach, and Ecclesiastes—Wisdom will teach you how to actively seek out sound guidance and increase your sense of peace in navigating life.

In everything from friendships to finances, from making decisions to attaining peace of mind, Scripture offers a vision for happiness and well-being. With this program, you will learn how to gather, gain, and grow in wisdom, and you will experience the joy it brings to your life.

To sign up or for more information, contact Peggy Glisson, peggyg@holyredeemervanc.org




Ordinary Men - Extraordinary Faith

Men's Ministry at Holy Redeemer

Meeting on most first Saturdays of the month after morning Mass. Come join us for breakfast, fellowship, and deepening faith. 

Start time: 8:45am in the Parish Hall
Finish time: 10:15am

MEN of FAITH page




Endow (Women's Groups)

Endow is a Women's Small Discipleship Group.  Each discipleship group reads together a specific study pertaining to women and faith, participate in discussion and faith-sharing, keep each other accountable on the faith journey, and support each other through life's challenges. 

For more information see Women's Ministry Page

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Interested in joining a group of other Catholic adults who are single? This is a group that is seeking friendship and community as a group. Connect with others to nurture your faith and support each other in growing in holiness. Open to all singles, 27 and older. 

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See the calendar on the Faith Formation Home Page for upcoming opportunities.


Medjugorje Pilgrimages

Spring 2020 or Youth Festival, Summer 2020

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Embark with us on a journey of faith to the small village of Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Each year, millions of pilgrims have flocked here, personally encountering God's Love. Medjugorje / med-ju-gor-ee-a showers visitors with  indescribable gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will long for daily Mass.  Adoration, veneration of the Cross, and the Rosary may bring you to tears. God is so close, that you can almost touch Him. You will begin to grasp how God's Blessed Mother connects us to Him. She is claling everyone to Medjugorje to find Heaven's embrace.

In 1981, six young kids claimed the Blessed Virgin Mary appeard to them. Today, they continue to report apparitions-- some of them daily. The Vatican continues to study these events, and as such, has yet to grant its approval. However, in May 2019, Pope Francis authorized parishes to organize official pilgrimages to Medjugorje in recognition of the "abundant fruits of grace that have sprung from it."

Witness to High School Students

We are in need of chaperones and drivers for Catholic Youth Convention, January 25- 26, 2020. This archdiocesan event for high school students provides the opportunity for youth to experience that they are part of a bigger faith community! It's so important for teens to experience that they not alone in the battle to live out Catholic values, and be strengthened to stand contrary to the culture. Featuring dynamic speakers from around the country, Mass with Archbishop Etienne, fellowship, music and more! Eligibility requirement: you must be currently safe environment trained to be a chaperone-driver. Contact Hannah at hannahb@holyredeemervanc.org.