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Music Ministry

Welcome to Holy Redeemer’s music ministry!


In the church’s official document on music, “Sing a New Song: Music in Divine Worship” we find the following statement regarding choirs:

“… Choirs and ensembles, on the other hand, comprise persons drawn from the community who possess the requisite musical skills and a commitment to the established schedule of rehearsals and Liturgies. Thus, they are able to enrich the celebration by adding musical elements beyond the capabilities of the congregation alone.”

We also find in this document the following in regard to what choirs sing:
“An important ministerial role of the choir or ensemble is to sing various parts of the Mass in dialogue or alternation with the congregation. … Choirs may also enrich congregational singing by adding harmonies and descants.”

And here we find the unique gift a choir gives to the Mass:
“At times, the choir performs its ministry by singing alone. The choir may draw on the treasury of sacred music, singing compositions by composers of various periods and in various musical styles, as well as music that expresses the faith of the various cultures that enrich the Church. Appropriate times where the choir might commonly sing alone include a prelude before Mass, the Entrance chant, the Preparation of the Gifts, during the Communion procession or after the reception of Communion, and the recessional.”

The Music Ministry welcomes your participation. We not only enhance the song the congregation sings, but we have the opportunity to evangelize through that song. This is our prayer. Come join us and make it your prayer, too.

Heavenly Father, we have gathered once again to practice our music so we may praise you in song. May our song be so well done that it becomes prayer and through that musical prayer, someone, upon hearing it, will open their heart to you. Amen.


Choir for Mass:  
Saturday 4:30pm Mass -  choir rehearsal at 3:40 pm in the St. Cecilia Room.
Sunday 9:30am Mass - choir rehearsal at 8:40 am in the Church. 
Sunday Noon Mass - choir rehearsal at 11:10 am in the Church.

Sancti Chorus - Rehearsal Every Thursday 7pm - 8:30pm

Schola (auditioned choir) - Rehearsal Every Thursday 8:30pm - 9pm 

Children's Choir - Rehearsal Every Wednesday 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in St. Clare Room!


Please contact Angela Yang at angelay@holyredeemervanc.org or call (360) 885-7780 ext. 19 


Upcoming Events:

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