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Troop WA 360


Join Night 2017

Monday September 25 - 6:30PM

Are you intereseted in registering your child in Troop 360? Attend our join night to get registered! We will begin with opening flag and enjoy soft served icecream! Parents will recieve information on the program and  learn how to register.  Hope to see you there!




Woodlands Trail Events

Stay tuned for upcoming Woodlands Trail Events!



Adventurer and Navigator Events

Stay tuned for upcoming Adventurer and Navigator Events!



Troop Information



Trail Life Oath

On my honor,

I will do my best

To serve God and my country;

To respect authority;

To be a good steward of creation;

And to treat others

as I want to be treated.


Troop Structure

Woodland Trails: K-5th Grade

This Patrol contains three Levels: Fox, Hawk, and Mountain Lion

Navigators: 6th-8th Grade

Adventurers: 9th-12th Grade


Troop Meetings 

The full Troop meets every Monday night from 6:30 - 8:15 PM unless otherwise specified.  

Woodland Trails meet from 6:30 - 8:00 PM

No meeting October 9, November 20, December 18, December 25, January 1, January 22, March 12, April 16

Patrol Dues

All Trailmen are required to pay monthly dues.  Ideally, we would like the boys to earn this money by doing chores around the house.  Dues are payable to the Patrol Leader or Trail Guide, and vary according to the patrol:

Fox Patrol - $1.00 per month

Hawk Patrol - $2.00 per month

Mountain Lion Patrol - $3.00 per month

Navigators - $5.00 per month

Adventurers - $5.00 per month


Troop Uniform Exchange

Thank you Julie Campbell for accepting the challenge of setting up and maintaining our troop uniform exchange.  Here is how it works - say you outgrow your uniform.  Just contact Julie and see if you can trade it in for a different size.  If she has one in your size, just make a trade.  If the one you receive is new, and yours is gently worn, you may end up paying a few dollars for it.  If you trade gently used for gently used, it won't cost a thing.  If we don't have your size and you buy a new uniform, we would love to take the old gently used one off your hands to add to the uniform bank. You can donate it, or the troop will buy it at a reasonable price.  Our goal is to recycle the uniforms that are not too worn and have the uniform bank be self-funding.  Julie can be reached at or 360-980-3558.




Stay tuned for information about our Christmas Wreath Fundraiser!